BEARR is changing the way that we communicate with you

Providing interesting and up to date information about health and welfare developments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is a fundamental part of BEARR’s services. The trustees have been working over the past two years on ways to improve our communications, making the best use of BEARR’s modest resources. We have already widened our reach through social media (Facebook and Twitter) and we are now launching our new website, funded by generous sponsors and a grant from the Allergan Foundation.

From the beginning of 2020 we will continue to use our website to provide the latest relevant news from our region, as well as in-depth articles, updates on BEARR’s Small Grants Scheme projects and on BEARR people and events. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for alerts.

We will round up the most interesting news and articles into a new bi-monthly email newsletter for our subscribers: if you are already on BEARR’s mailing list you will receive this automatically. This replaces the monthly Bulletin and twice-yearly Newsletters. In addition to this, we will publish an annual almanac of all our activities and projects (including the Trustees’ annual report and accounts). As a benefit for Friends of BEARR, we will send you a printed copy – a good reason to subscribe to our Friends’ scheme.

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