BEARR welcomes new volunteers

New volunteers

April 2020

George Leech

George took degrees in History (Leicester) and International Relations (Sweden). Since graduating, he has worked to support civil society and human rights in Eastern Europe and Central Asia at the OSCE, International Crisis Group, and Human Rights Watch in Moscow. He is currently based in Prague. You can follow his irregular tweets on the region at @G_Leechy .

George is helping BEARR by researching relevant news item from several of our countries.

Nicholas Cornforth

Nick studied Italian and Russian at the University of Oxford. As part of his degree, he spent a year living with a ‘babushka’ in Yaroslavl’ and studying at PG Demidov State University. Since graduating in 2019, he has worked in Moscow for a communications agency.

Nick is delighted to be helping BEARR with translation work. He has a strong interest in international affairs and Russian society as well as Russian literature and music.

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