Tushinskaya Trust assets are transferred to The BEARR Trust

The BEARR Trust is very grateful to Dr Harald Lipman and his fellow trustees for choosing BEARR to receive Tushinskaya Trust’s residual assets following the Charity Commission’s recent approval of Tushinskaya Trust’s dissolution. 

Tushinskaya Trust was established in 1988 by Dr Harald and Nahid Lipman, whilst Dr Lipman was Medical Attaché at the British Embassy in Moscow. Its aim throughout its years of operation was to improve the welfare of sick Russian children during their stay in hospital. 

Collaborating initially with Tushinskaya Children’s Hospital, Moscow, and later with the Republican Children’s Hospital, Moscow, the Trust introduced nursing staff to ‘holistic’ childcare, established the first School of Paediatric Nursing in the Russian Federation, and organised annual teaching seminars in Russia to teach new approaches in nursing to the trainers of children’s nurses. 

Tushinskaya News Bulletin, Winter 1994/5

Working in partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital, Tushinskaya Trust awarded annual scholarships to medical specialists from many regions of the Russian Federation and from Kazakhstan to enable them to develop their particular expertise during a three-month Clinical Observership in London. Some 35 scholarships were awarded in memory of the Trust’s Patron, Diana, Princess of Wales, whose 1995 visit to Moscow was a highlight in the memory of many of those involved with Tushinskaya. A further 10 scholarships, funded by the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation, were awarded to paediatric oncologists, and 14 scholarships for paediatricians in Kazakhstan were funded by ERG (Eurasian Resources Group). 

The Tushinskaya ‘scholars’ are therefore now a considerable network, continuing the pioneering work of its founders. 

Diana, Princess of Wales, visiting Tushinskaya Children’s Hospital, Moscow in 1995.

Dr Lipman has also generously offered to donate to BEARR 50% of any royalties from his forthcoming memoirs of his time working at the British Embassy in Moscow.

Read more about Dr Lipman’s book, ‘Memories of Moscow: Memoirs of a Medical Diplomat’, here.

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