122.6m roubles for disability employment

Public disability organisations to receive 122.6 million roubles for the employment of disabled people

Moscow: 24.02.2014

The Russian Ministry for Labour has reviewed the results of a competition for programmes submitted by public disability organisations to help disabled people in the jobs’ market during 2014. The competition comprised 12 programmes.

“Subsidies to public disability organisations are allocated as part of the state programme “Accessible Environment”. It is important that subsidies are distributed on a competitive basis and that regional disability organisations are among those that benefit” says Maksim Topilin, the Russian Federation’s Minister for Labour and Social Protection.

Public organisations will receive 122.6 million roubles for the employment of, and professional training for, disabled people.

The competition’s successful programmes were those submitted by the All-Russian Society for the Deaf (which received a grant of 15m roubles); the All-Russian Society for the Blind (8.4m roubles); the Regional Disability Organisation “Perspective” (5.5m roubles) and the Belgorod and Tyumen Regional Organisations of the All-Russian Disability Society (12.6m and 2.1m roubles respectively).

Disability organisations are aiming to employ 523 disabled people during 2014, as compared to 478 in 2013. According to information from the Ministry for Labour, there are currently 12.85m disabled people in Russia. Of the 2.5m people of working age, only 805,300 (or 32%)  are in employment. There are 1.7m unemployed disabled people (or 68% of disabled people of working age).

Author: Yulia Vyatkina


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