4.2 billion state aid for NGOs in 2015

Moscow 3 April 2015


The president has authorised state aid for NGOs for 2015 in the sum of 4.2 billion roubles


NGOs engaged in the development of the institutions of civil society and carrying out   social and human rights projects will receive 4.2 billion roubles from the federal budget in 2015.

The president, Vladimir Putin, has signed the applicable order, which has been published on the official website containing legal information. The funds are to be given to NGOs for holding competitions and financing other NGOs that carry out socially significant projects effectively and those concerned with upholding human rights. In 2015 three competitions are to be held to allocate presidential grants.

Eight organisations will act as grant administrators for 2015. These are:

The national movement, Civil Dignity (528.5 million roubles) the National Charitable Fund (585.6 million roubles) the Knowledge of Russia Society (695.6 million roubles) the Union of Russian Youth ((695.6 million roubles) the National League of Health (519.9 million roubles) the Institute for Socio-economic and Political Research (422.8 million roubles)and the Russian Union of Pensioners, and the Union of Russian Women. The latter two will be distributing grants for the first time. The pensioners’ union will allocate 415 million roubles for projects aimed at improving the quality of life of the elderly, providing social support for pensioners and citizens who are experiencing hardship and helping those who are in a critical situation.

The Union of Russian Women will divide 365 million roubles between projects aiming to fortify the institution of the family and family values, uphold and support motherhood, socialise children with disabilities, and communally monitor quality in the social sector (medicine, education and so on).

The Institute for Issues of Civil Society that allocated presidential grants in 2014 was not included in the list of grant operators this time.

At the beginning of March the federal ministry of finance proposed reducing the support budget for socially oriented NGOs by 690 million roubles. An amendment Bill was introduced into the federal duma(parliament) for the purpose. NGOs opposed the plan collectively and over 6,000 people and 400 organisations signed a petition.


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