Approved citeria for ‘socially significant mass media’

The Expert Council of the Ministry of Сommunications and Mass Media has approved the criteria defining “socially significant mass media”

Moscow 27 May 2015

In the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media work has been undertaken on the criteria which define the concept of “socially significant mass media”. Socially significant media will receive advantages, such as provision of benefits, tariff preferences and help from the state.

The criteria which define ‘socially significant media’, were determined by the Expert Council on Regional Printed Mass Media under the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media, according to a statement published on the Ministry’s website. Recognised newspapers and magazines that have existed on the market for at least five years, which do not violate current legislation on mass media and publication and which are “popular with the public, highlighting the problems experienced by people with disabilities, issues of national and religious tolerance and against extremism” can be considered to be ‘socially significant’.

According to the Ministry, ‘socially significant media’ should work on realizing projects aimed at children and teenagers and they “should be aimed at providing a patriotic education, helping to strengthen family units and the moral traditions of family relations and promoting healthy lifestyles.” Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media, Alexei Volin, said that the state has a right to expect that the media it supports “takes an active role in the implementation of state information policy.”

He highlighted that the format of the coverage of such information should depend solely on the editorial policy of the publications.

Author: Grigory Ivanushkin

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