Belarus may ratify CE Anti-Trafficking Convention

Belarus may ratify CE Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (BelTA)

This month the House of Representatives will
consider the draft law “On accession of the Republic of Belarus to the
Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human
Beings”, BelTA learned from Vladimir Bazanov, deputy chairman of the
permanent commission for national security of the House of

“The Convention was adopted in Warsaw on 16 May 2005. It is aimed at
combating trafficking in human beings and ensuring the equality between
men and women,” explained the MP.

He added that the document also aims to protect the rights of
trafficking victims, and is expected to contribute to the effective
investigation of such cases and prosecution of those guilty. In
addition, the Convention aims to strengthen international cooperation in
combating this crime, which has become one of the most profitable,
along with drug trafficking.

As of 1 March this year, 39 countries were parties to the Convention.
The MP noted that it is very important for Belarus to accede to that
instrument. “If, for example, a girl is kidnapped and become a victim of
human trafficking, the search for her will be much easier,” said
Vladimir Bazanov, referring to the accession to the Convention.

The MP also noted that in most cases such crimes are committed by
organized groups from different countries. This is transnational crime
which is very difficult to fight without the cooperation of law
enforcement agencies of different countries. It is important that
Belarusian citizens are mostly trafficked the countries that are members
of the Council of Europe.

Accession to the Convention will not be burdensome for the country. The
annual fee is quite small at €6,900. These funds will be transferred to
the budget of the group of experts on action against trafficking in
human beings.

Vladimir Bazanov remarked that Belarus pays a lot of attention to the
problem of trafficking in human beings. Appropriate measures have
already been taken at the national level. Moreover, in 2005, Belarus put
forward initiatives in the international arena on the intensification
of efforts by all countries to combat this crime. The UN General
Assembly has adopted various resolutions on these issues at the
initiative of Belarus.

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