Bids invited for Golden Cat fundraising awards

Applications open for the Golden Cat Award


The Association of Fundraisers is running a competition, called the Golden Cat Award, to recognise and reward the efforts of charities and welfare projects to raise money for their causes.  The award aims to support the development of charitable giving by private individuals in Russia and promote new approaches and partnerships in fundraising.

Awards will be given to fundraising projects completed in the course of 2018.  There will be further awards for projects that run from 2018 into 2019, with the deadline for them closing on 15 January 2019.  The competition is open to all NGOs that have been performing charity work of any kind for a minimum of one year and have built up fundraising experience.  The NGOs are limited to a single application for any of the following three categories:

Best offline fundraising event

For one-off events designed to raise money, for example, a race, a show, an auction or a fair.

Best use of digital technology in fundraising

Fundraising projects primarily involving digital technology.

Best fundraising campaign

A series of events or activities undertaken over a period of time, linked to the core strategy of the NGO and designed to raise funds.

One prize will be awarded to the winner of each category.  Certificates will be given to NGOs in second and third place.

There is a separate award for charities that are entirely dependent on volunteers for fundraising.  The award, known as The Best Fundraising Event by Volunteers, will be judged by the charity We Need Help and recognises the efforts of NGO volunteers who draw on their personal network of family, friends and colleagues to generate donations.

A panel of experts will assess applications using the following criteria:

  • Fulfilling the criteria of the category
  • Meeting the fundraising objectives
  • Cost-effectiveness (ie the cost-to-revenue ratio)
  • Extent of involvement by partners of the NGO
  • Scale (number of participants, scope of the project)
  • Originality/novelty of idea/approach
  • Circulation
  • Extent of involvement by volunteers
  • Public relations (ie the extent to which the public become aware of the work of the NGO)

The panel of experts submits its assessment of the applications to the Board of the Association of Fundraisers and it then makes the final decision on the awarding of the prize.  We Need Help decides on the winner for its separate category, The Best Fundraising Event by Volunteers.

The deadline for applications is 20 February 2019.  Results will be announced on 15 March.  The award ceremony for the winners will take place on 27 March.

Full details about the competition and an application form are available on the Golden Cat website: сайте

Enquiries by telephone: +7 (915) 147-96-97 or by email:


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