Bids sought for project that support the older generation

The Agency of Strategic Initiatives (ASI) to select projects that provide support for the older generation




The ASI is beginning a targeted selection of projects on a “Support for the older generation” theme, comprising the following priority areas:


  • Creating a system to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle;
  • Professional re-training;
  • Further education;
  • Silver volunteering;
  • Developing relationships between the generations;
  • Creating a system that involves older people in business activities;
  • Social work.


Project applications should demonstrate clear social benefits and be implemented on a professional and properly resourced basis. Project leaders will receive expert advice from the Agency both in the scaling up of their proposal and in removing administrative obstacles where necessary.


Further information on the selection process can be obtained from Mikhail Istomin, Deputy Head of ASI’s Social Projects Initiatives Department at


Applications are being accepted up until 17th May.


The selection process is part of the “100 leaders in the social sphere” initiative.



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