Call for public oversight of children in closed schools

Investigative Committee calls for public oversight of closed educational establishments


Lack of public oversight was one of the conditions which contributed to the crimes against foster children being educated at the closed Reftinsky specialised vocational school No. 1, the agency believes.

The Investigative Committee has stressed the great social importance of public oversight of the observance of the rights of adolescents in closed educational establishments, according to the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights (HRC). The council considers public oversight of these institutions an important mechanism for protecting the rights of minors and preventing violations.

The Investigative Committee believes that a lack of public oversight has led to the committing of crimes against pupils at the Reftinsky school. Following an HRC meeting with pupils during a visit to the institution, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against the deputy director of the school.

After the meeting, the HRC and the chair of the regional Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk agreed to carry out joint work on the local law on public oversight of the rights of orphaned children. An HRC standing committee has also begun work on public oversight in the social sphere.

Author: Georgii Ivanushkin

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