Competition for projects to help vulnerable children

6 June 2014

The Fund for the Support of Children Living in a Difficult Situation(FSC) announces competition for innovative social projects


The competition is a regular event whereby innovative social projects are selected that have been designed by municipal, state, non-governmental or community organisations and are intended to improve the quality of social services provided to children and families with children who are living in a difficult situation.

The goal of the competition is to help with the implementation of projects created to provide educational, psychological, social and other services to such children and families.

The project categories, which the competition will prioritise, are as follows: preemptionĀ  of family misfortune and loss of parental care for social reasons, including prevention of child abuse, rehabilitation of a healthy family environment and making such an environment available to parentless children; social help for families with children having disabilities with a view to ensuring their maximum development in a family framework, and their socialisation, preparation for independent living and integration into the community; rehabilitation of children who have been in conflict with the law by committing criminal acts or otherwise breaking the law, and preventing children being unsupervised or becoming homeless, including on more than one occasion.

Projects lasting 18 months from 1 April 2015 to 30 September 2016 will be considered. Individual projects will receive a grant of up to 1.5 million roubles.

The closing date for applications is 31 July.

Further details are available on the fundā€™s website.


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