Conditions for Russian medics dealing with COVID-19

Survey reveals 26% of medical professionals working with COVID-19 need mental health support


A survey of doctors who are treating coronavirus patients was recently carried out in “Guidelines for Doctors”. 509 physicians took part in the research, the results of which have been made available to the ASI.

90.2% of respondents have already had contact with coronavirus patients, with 69% working in specialist departments treating those with COVID-19.

Protection measures

Senior managers provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to doctors in 58% of hospitals; PPE is provided only occasionally in 39% of hospitals, with no PPE at all in 2.8% of hospitals.

42% believe that preventative measures currently in place in hospitals to prevent infections are adequate.

68% of doctors wear respirators, 85% wear gloves, 74% wear goggles, 58% wear masks and 51% disposable gowns. 21% of respondents don’t have enough PPE because of supply shortages. 5.3% wear their own masks made from gauze or fabrics, and 8.6% buy masks and respirators out of their own pocket.

46% of medical professionals said both they and senior managers use the same PPE, with only 10% saying that senior managers had better safety quality equipment. Senior managers also went into “red zones” in 50% of hospitals.

Physical and mental health of doctors

78% of respondents said their colleagues had contracted the virus, with 51% falling ill at the COVID centre workplace.

45% of doctors are physically and mentally exhausted. 26% said they needed psychological help but that no mental health support was available in hospitals.

41% don’t go to the toilet at all during their shift as there is no spare protective gear to change into. 7.7% wear nappies, 29% of doctors have to take off, then put back on, the same clothing whenever they go to the toilet.

Salary bonuses

11% of respondents said they had received bonuses and that their salary had gone up by more than 60%. 17.5% had received bonuses but in the end the extra amount had made little difference to their normal salary. 35.6% of doctors have not received any extra money.

Adjusting mortality rates as a result of COVID-19

35% of respondents said they were told to record the number of coronavirus cases using codes that allow for greater accuracy in statistics for new infections and mortality.


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