CSS Foundation grants for NGOs supporting families, deadline 31 July

The CSS Foundation now accepting applications for an NGO grants competition


For the first time, the CSS Foundation is providing more than 70 million roubles for an NGO grants competition under the theme “Stronger with the CSS”. Its aims are to help strengthen the role of the family in society, to protect childhood, motherhood and fatherhood, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle to improve the moral and psychological state of Russian citizens.

Projects aimed at resolving serious problems affecting disadvantaged children and improving the social wellbeing of people with disabilities may be submitted to the competition.

People can submit applications under the following three grant categories:

  • up to 700,000 roubles;
  • up to 5,000,000 roubles;
  • up to 12,000,000 roubles.

Relevant rules and advice on filling out applications are available on the competition’s website (http://stronger.cssfoundation.org), with applications being accepted until 31 July.

“There has never been any such thing as “extra” funding in the charity sector. Nevertheless, our contest is particularly important for NGOs that support the most vulnerable members of society. We hope our grants will help NGOs and the families they support become stronger”, said the Foundation’s President, Natalya Conroy.

Information note

The CSS Foundation was registered in Russia in February 2019. It provides financial support to Russian NGOs and charities that work with disadvantaged children and families raising children with disabilities. Outside Russia, the Foundation has recently and successfully undertaken projects in Australia and the Philippines. In Russia, it has been involved in a number of initiatives with partners such as the Equal Opportunities Centre “Upwards”, the “Big Change” charity, and the Centre for the Development and Socialisation of Adults and Children with Mental Disorders “Space for Communication”.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2020/06/02/moskva-css-charity-foundation-grantovyj-konkurs-priem-zayavok-ot-nko/

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