Deputies suggest preferential loans for SONGOs

Deputies suggest providing preferential loans to SONGOs




Deputies from the “United Russia” party are proposing to legislate to ensure the rights of NGOs to receive preferential loans.


“We are anticipating a lot of legislative work. Firstly, we’re proposing the development of legal mechanisms that will allow SONGOs to make use of preferential loans and credit. Secondly, SONGOs should be fully compensated for economically justified costs in providing socially useful services”, said Galina Karelova, Deputy Chair of the Russian Federation Council, as reported by TASS.


At the XV Citizen’s Forum meeting in Yaroslavl, Karelova also proposed simplifying the registration and reporting system for NGOs. She believes the removal of administrative barriers for SONGOs would allow these organisations to obtain the legal status and State support they need more quickly.


The Forum also heard a proposal to afford NGOs the right to buy rented premises. “We need to give them (NGOs) the right to buy leased property owned by the State. Some say this should be done in a similar way as for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”, said Dmitry Vyatkin, First Deputy Chair of the State Duma Committee on the Development of Civil Society and Issues Related to Public and Religious Institutions.


The XV Citizen’s Forum takes place on 20 June. Those taking part will develop specific mechanisms to create the necessary conditions that help promote SONGOs, as well as formulating proposals to amend regional legislation in the area of NGO support.








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