Electronic register to simplify access to state services for disabled people in Russia

Social support procedure for disabled people to be simplified from next year


Information about the disability of citizens will be available to state agencies and local governments from an electronic federal register of disabled people, so relevant decisions will be made faster and people with a disability will not have to additionally confirm their status.

According to the State Duma’s website, the law on simplifying the procedure to receive social support and state services, including the right to free parking, was adopted at its third reading.

“This document affects more than 11 million Russians. They will no longer need to confirm their status with a ‘paper’ proof each time or to present the original copy of their individual programme of rehabilitation. Now the information from the Office of Medical and Social Expertise will be requested by the authorised bodies from the Federal Register of Disabled Persons in electronic form”, the Chair of the Lower House of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin said.


According to him, people with disabilities who leave their region have not been able to park for free in a disabled parking space, if the information about their cars is not in the region’s register where they are staying. In order to receive such a right, they first needed to go in person to the municipal services office of the other region and prove their disability.

The law comes into force from 1 July 2020. From this point, regional and municipal authorities will have to check the register themselves and there will be no need for disabled people to obtain a separate local permit for free parking and no threat of a fine for not having paid by mistake.

It is proposed that at least 10% of spaces at public car parks should be allocated for disabled persons (no less than one spot), including in areas around social, transport, cultural and recreational facilities.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2019/07/10/invalidy-parkovka/


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