Findings of NGO inspections to be published

Public prosecutor to publish findings
following inspection of Russian NGOs


has stated that the sources from which Russian NGOs have received almost a
billion dollars as mentioned by the president of the Russian Federation,
Vladimir Putin, are to be published once the prosecutorā€™s investigations have
been concluded. This was announced by the presidential press secretary, Dmitry


announced previously, the office of the prosecutor general intends to continue
its investigations. Once these have been concluded we anticipate that the
information obtained will be made publicā€™, said Mr Peskov. He advised patience
pending disclosure of the sources and recipients of finance.


mass inspections of Russian NGOs being conducted by staff from the prosecutorā€™s
office, the ministry of justice and the tax authorities for the purpose of
identifying the so-called ā€˜foreign agentsā€™ began in March 2013. Audits of 7,357
NGOs are planned for the current year.


25 April the traditional ā€˜direct lineā€™ to Mr Putin will be open. According to
the Moscow Komsoletsā€™ (a newspaper) it is anticipated that inter alia the
president will reply to questions about the NGO inspections. The Kremlin press
office states that it will be possible to see the special programme, Direct
Line to Vladimir Putin on the First Channel, Russia 1and Russia 2. It will be
possible to listen in on Radio Mayak, Vesti FM and Radio Russia.

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