First crowdfunding platform in Russia for HIV service organisations

The “AIDS.Centre” Foundation and UNAIDS launch the first crowdfunding platform for HIV service organisations


The “No-one left behind” portal will help NGOs who are fighting the HIV epidemic in Russia and are defending the rights of HIV-positive people.

The crowdfunding platform “No-one left behind” provides Russian NGOs and civic initiatives the opportunity to open a collection for HIV prevention projects.

The project has been created thanks to the support of the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS in the EECA region (Eastern Europe and Central Asia).

“I hope that our platform will help organisations fighting the epidemic in the country. Moreover, we want to give a jolt to the formation of a new culture of charitable giving in Russia. Our ultimate aim is not collecting money all at once but creating conditions in which NGOs will be able to establish contact with potential donors”, the executive director of AIDS.Centre, Sergey Abdurakhmanov, told ASI.

The platform provides the possibility of collecting funds to organisations working in Russia. The transparency of the collections is guaranteed by the platform Cloudmoney. 10% of the collected funds remains with the AIDS.Centre Foundation. As the organisation reported, this is necessary to cover the costs connected with the platform. 90% of the funds are transferred to the NGO’s account.

Currently the platform is collecting for a series of projects in Kazan, Moscow, Murmansk and St Petersburg.

The HIV epidemic in Russia continues to gain momentum. According to data from Federal Centre for AIDS, in 2017, the number of new diagnoses exceeded 104 000 cases. In total, since records began in Russia, 1.114 million citizens have been recorded as having been infected with HIV.



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