First World Conference for People with Disabilities, Yekaterinburg, September

First World Congress for Persons with Disabilities to be held in Yekaterinburg




Results from the registration of participants for the 1st World Congress for Persons with Disabilities to be held from 7-10 September have been announced.


703 applications from 28 countries, including New Zealand, Nepal and Thailand, have been received. More than half the delegates (457) are from outside Russia and comprise representatives from socio-therapeutic communities and NGOs, as well as non-aligned participants.


Disabled people from 23 Russian regions will be attending on behalf of regional and urban NGOs; Centres for Curative Pedagogy; the Association of “Curative Pedagogy and Socio-Therapy Organisations”; the “Tourmaline” Centre for Social Rehabilitation; the Altai district NGO of the All-Russian Society for the Disabled, “Good Line”; the “Good Deed” and “White Cane” charities, and many more.


The Congress theme is “Seeing the value of every person”. Discussions will be held on potential projects, creative approaches and all-inclusive work practices. Participants will exchange experiences of their attempts to change public attitudes towards disabled people and in improving their quality of life. Debates will also be held on establishing a dialogue between disabled people and society (in an urban environment, in the workplace and in leisure time). The speakers want to draw society’s attention to the needs of disabled people and on possible opportunities that can be made available to them (e.g. in the service sector, labour intensive work etc.).


A promo for the event can be seen on YouTube by clicking on – доступны .


Congress attendees will be accompanied by more than 150 volunteers, some of whom are disabled. The event is a public initiative which is being supported by the State, ordinary citizens and the business community.


More details about the event can be found on the official website:




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