Forum in Yalta for NGOs discusses local activism

Presentation by the new Presidential Grants’ administrator to be given at a meeting of the “Community” Forum in Yalta




Nearly 600 civil activists and representatives from NGOs within the Crimean Federal District have signed up to take part in the “Community” forum, which, for the first time, will include a theme-based discussion where experts will be able to debate issues around supporting NGOs operating in small towns and villages.


According to the Federation’s Public Chamber, a presentation is to be given by the new Presidential Grants’ administrator, Perspektiva, a charity that provides help to civil activists in small towns and rural areas. During 2016, Perspektiva will be supporting programmes aimed at developing civil society institutions in small towns and villages, as well as projects relating to local history, preserving cultural traditions and career advice for young people, as well as promoting dialogue between society and the authorities, and developing local Government institutions.


The Yalta forum will take place from 13-14 May. During the session on “Developing NGOs operating in small towns and villages”, there is to be a discussion on the theme “The village – the soul of Russia”, which will cover the interaction between public bodies and local Government agencies, promote civil engagement within villages, the influence of public bodies on the development of small businesses, rural tourism and related infrastructure changes.


Following the “Community” event in Yalta, a series of fora will be held in Ekaterinburg, Vologda, Grozny and Volgograd, ending in Moscow in November this year. During 2016, these fora will provide a platform for debate and enlightenment, as well as discussing the main cross-cutting theme of developing a framework aimed at promoting the work and growth of the third sector.


After a previous forum in Khabarovsk, parliamentary hearings were held in the Russian Federation Council on problems related to NGO entry into the social services market.


Author: Georgy Ivanushkin

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