Free medical care online in Russia

Free medical help online


The State-run corporation VEB.RF and the telemedical company ‘Doktor Ryadom” have launched a federal project allowing anyone to receive a remote consultation with a therapist, pediatrician and other medical consultants.

“In current conditions, when self-isolation is absolutely fundamental to the health of every single person, the need for remote medical services is increasing. As a development institution, VEB.RF considers making telemedicine more accessible to be an important goal. We are pursuing this in partnership with the company Doktor Ryadom. From now on, you can receive a free online consultation, not just relating to coronavirus but to any illness, with one of Doktor Ryadom’s qualified doctors throughout Russia,” said Igor Shuvalov, chairman of VEB.RF.

Denis Shvetsov, general director of the telemedicine company Doktor Ryadom, outlined that the project will include several clinic networks, both in Moscow and the regions.

“We are seeing widespread interest in the professional community. Highly qualified doctors from many different regions want to take part in this essential work of providing access to medicine to the widest possible number of patients. We are prepared to teach doctors about the technology and technicalities of online communication in order to meet growing demands for medical care across our country. I firmly believe that this experience of interacting on a digital platform will prove useful for doctors and patients alike in future, when the epidemiological situation in the country has stabilized”, said Shvetsov.

How to have a free consultation with a doctor

Consultations with therapists and pediatricians are available at any time. Consultations with a specialist are booked via appointment.

The service can be accessed through Doktor Ryadom’s website. You need to register, select the required doctor and enter the promocode VEBMED to ensure that the consultation is free.

The mobile application Doktor Ryadom Telemed also provides access. This platform similarly requires registration and the promocode VEBMED.

You can arrange for a consultation by phone call: 8-800-550-69-17. The operator will register you, direct you to the on-call therapist or make an appointment with a specialist consultant.

Doktor Ryadom will operate free of charge for no longer than a month, depending on how the epidemiological situation develops in the country.


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