Free training for IT specialists with disabilities


The online learning platform OTUS has launched a charitable project called “With us for the future”. It is aimed at IT specialists, who already have programming experience, to improve their level of professional training. 

The project is supported by Aleksandr Makarchuk, IT recruiter, founder of the inclusive charity “The Owl” and winner of the Russian Federation’s Festival of Social Internet Resources. Makarchuk helps IT-specialists with disabilities to find work. 

Who is using the courses and how to sign up

There are currently 13 students signed up for free on OTUS, taking part in the Basic Android, DevOps, Linux and Javascript courses. In total there are more than 60 copywritten courses on the platform. The training focuses on real life business tasks, projects and products. 

Valery Spiridonov is part of the first stream of training. Despite a serious illness, spinal muscular atrophy, he is now studying for a master’s in computer technology in the United States, together with his colleagues he has developed a unique autonomous driving technology for wheelchairs. Spridonov chose the DevOps course on OTUS. 

Maria Abramovich is enrolled on OTUS’s JavaScript video course. She has Duchene muscular dystrophy but she successfully finished school and then took courses in html and css provided by the ‘Owl’ foundation.

“We want to encourage the development of those who despite difficulties in their lives, have independently found a way to learn. That has to be supported. Taking part in these courses provides children with in-depth skills and experience which enables them to live a fuller life and to find work irrespective of market conditions,” said co-founder of OTUS Dmitry Voloshin. 

OTUS is planning to take on its next set of students with disabilities in May to June. Anyone who wants to take part should email the project’s curator Maria Berut at:

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