Funds for NGOs in the Volga region

This was announced during the assembly “NGOs of the
Volga region. New possibilities of cooperation”, which took place in Nizhny
Novogorod.  More than 140 representatives
of socially oriented NGOs and core organs of government from 14 regions of the
Volga Federal District attended.  The
“Sluzheniye Association” Centre for the Development of Public Initiatives came
forward as organisers of the event, as part of the project “NGOs of the Volga
Region. Together Again”, supported financially by the Ministry of Economic


According to Sergei
Potapov, deputy governor of Nizhny Novogorod oblast, NGOs in the region number
more than 4000.  He also stated that,
this year, the volume of financial support for social projects rose in
comparison with 2011, from 6.8 to 30 million roubles. Potapov

expressed the hope that this trend would continue in
the future.  He said that the regional
government would participate in the co-financing of NGO activities aimed at
providing help for orphans and developing patriotic projects.  In Potapov’s opinion, “on such projects funds
are never misspent”.  One assembly
participant, Artyom Shadrin (director of the Strategic Programme Management and
Budgeting Department of the Ministry of Economic Development), said that, at
the federal level, the decision had already been taken to prolong the programme
of subsidies (begun in 2011) given to federation subjects for the support of
NGOs.  He explained that “In the budget,
money has already been planned for 2013, 2014, and 2015, at a rate of 630, 660
and 690 million roubles respectively. 
The regions can therefore already count on that level of support”.  Shadrin remarked that financial support would
be carried out according to the results of an assessment of regional statutory
acts and the effectiveness of involving NGOs in the decision-making process,

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