G7 underlines support for healthcare reform in Ukraine


G7 Ambassadors underline support for healthcare reform in Ukraine – “for the benefit of its citizens”

Following a meeting with the Ukrainian Minister of Health, G7 ambassadors committed to supporting the country’s healthcare reform plan, which brings state guarantees for the financing of insured medical services and medicine through the National Health Service of Ukraine. In a statement, the ambassadors described the plan as “a sign that Ukraine is ready and committed to moving forward with its vital reforms, in healthcare and anti-corruption, for the benefit of its citizens”.

The G7 statement described the healthcare reform as an “important step” towards improving the way Ukrainian citizens interact with the state medical system, “to ensure that they receive the services they need and deserve in a rational and legal manner”.

“We therefore respectfully underscore our hope that Dr. Suprun [Ukrainian Minister of Healthcare] and her team at the Ministry of Health will be enabled to continue their work in reforming healthcare in Ukraine, including through the passage of the abovementioned legislation. The Ministry and all Ukrainian institutions involved have our support in this important endeavor,” the statement concluded.


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