Half of Russians think healthcare has got worse since the pandemic

Study finds half of Russians think healthcare has got worse since the pandemic

28 September 2021

Experts believe that insurance companies and CSOs should oversee independent quality control for healthcare.

The study was carried out by the All-Russian Patients Union and the Social Mechanics centre for humanitarian technologies and studies. 3130 people from 83 Russian regions took part in the study, as well as experts from 43 organisations representing patients.

In 2021 only 24.6% of those surveyed were satisfied to one extent or another with the care they received, while 38.8% were dissatisfied. 50.2% of respondents and 61.4% of experts noted a worsening in care provision since pre-pandemic levels in 2018 and 2019.

Patient organisations stated that routine medical care has been given less priority for all health issues with the exception of Covid-19, primary care staffing units have experienced shortages, patients suffering from chronic conditions don’t receive access to routine inpatient treatment, and many have difficulties accessing discounted medication.

“I will make a complaint to management

24.3% of respondents had made complaints at various points. 29.4% of those had their complaint dealt with, 34% were given an explanation but no solution, while 36.6% received no engagement.

CSOs helped to resolve a complaint in 32.9% of cases, consulting and offering guidance in a further 36.4%. 73.3% of people surveyed and 72.7% of experts called for the presence of quality controls independent from medical institutions.

Experts believe that such controls can be carried out by insurance companies and CSOs working with patients.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2021/09/28/polovina-rossiyan-schitayut-chto-kachestvo-medpomoshhi-stalo-huzhe-posle-pandemii/

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