Improving social project management

Higher School of Economics of the National Research University offers a Social Project Management career enhancement course

This taught course is intended to help the participants to acquire or enhance social project management knowledge and skills. The course is for those interested in receiving quality education in this field. The main modules of the course are: ‘Building a Social Project: planning and stages of implementation’, ‘Project manager: opportunities, limitations, development’, ‘Managing a project team: Working with volunteers’, ‘Evaluating project success, assessment and monitoring, and developing success indicators’, ‘Russian society as an environment for social projects’, ‘Business as an environment for social projects’, ‘Fundraising for social projects’, ‘Financial and legal foundation for implementation of social projects and the specifics of NGOs’, ‘Modern social projects PR techniques: selling ideas and project results, advertising on the Internet and in the media’, ‘Presentation skills’.

Classes take place twice a month on Sundays totalling 80 hours of teaching. The course schedule includes lectures, seminars, practice assignments, role-plays and discussions, and the development and presentation of a final project, chosen either by the participant or the tutor. There are tuition fees; NGO employees are entitled to a discount provided the agreement is signed before 7 Oct. Payment in instalments is possible in exceptional circumstances.

Those wishing to enrol must sign a student agreement before 17 October. For more details, see or contact Anastasia Raspopina on (495) 366-23-78, 8-919-722-03-05, e-mail:

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