Inaugural grant competition for Russian CSOs: winners

Tinkoff announces the winners of its inaugural grant competition


Fifteen CSOs have been selected by experts to receive grants ranging from 400,000 to two million roubles to help implement their projects.

Among the experts involved in the assessment of applications were Sofia Zhukova, Executive Director of the Help is Needed charity, Nikolai Morzhin, CEO of the Centre for Curative Pedagogics and Tatyana Konstantinova, advisor to the So-edinenie foundation for support to the deaf and blind. A full list of successful organisations can be found on:

All the charitable foundations that took part in the application assessment process will soon be added to the charity section of the Tinkoff app and so become part of the Cashback for Good Causes project. Ecosystem users will now be able to support them by donating their cashback on a regular basis.

“It is important that smaller charities with specifically targeted social initiatives receive support as well as the more well-known ones”, said Stanislav Bliznyuk, Chair of Tinkoff’s Management Board. “We received 200 applications from CSOs and I am sure their voice will become louder and their activities more visible to society”.

All the organisations that entered the competition will be able to receive feedback on their applications and find out how they were rated by the experts. Participants will also be offered a webinar with experts who will discuss the most common errors made when filling out applications and then answer any questions.


Translated by Neil Hailey

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