MOJ to change rules on controlf NCOs

The Ministry of Justice intends to change the regulations controlling the activities of non-commercial organisations

Moscow 20/09/2016

The Ministry believes that the proposed changes will help to ensure the rights of non-commercial organisations regarding the exercise of control over their activities.

The Ministry of Justice of the RF has submitted a draft order amending the regulations controlling the activities of non-commercial organisations. According to the document, during inspections the documents and information held by state authorities, local authorities or their subordinate organisations shall be requested within the framework of ā€œinterdepartmental cooperationā€ and to demand the submission of such documents from NGOs themselves is prohibited.

The corresponding document was published on the portal of draft federal normative legal acts. The draft order is in the stage of independent review, which will last until 18 October. It was written in an explanatory note to the document that ā€œthe practical implementation of the draft order will contribute to ensuring the rights and legitimate interests of non-commercial organisations in the exercise of control over their activities.ā€

The Public Chamber of the RF are ready to consider the proposal of the Ministry of Justice and to give their response, according to Elena Topoleva, member of the Chamber. ā€œThese changes also need to be made with respect to reporting because it is often necessary to provide duplicate information. Regulation is needed in this field of activity to increase interdepartmental cooperationā€, she stressed.

Author:Ā Grigory Ivanushkin

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