MOJ website has inaccurate reports on NGOs

Some NGOs have problems with the reports published on the Ministry of Justice website

Moscow 06.05.2015

Reports about some NGOs forcibly entered into the list of ‘foreign agents’ which were published on the Ministry of Justice website differ from those given by the organisations themselves.

Kommersant reported that the Chairman of the St Petersburg public human rights organisation Citizens’ Watch, Elena Shakhova, was invited to the Ministry of Justice to draw up an administrative protocol as the Ministry felt that the NGO had filed a report containing inaccurate information. The organisation was forcibly added to the ‘foreign agents’ list in January 2015.

Shakhova stated that the Citizens’ Watch report, which was published on the Ministry’s site, differs from the report that the organisation originally supplied. Shakhova was quoted in Kommersant saying, “We went to the Ministry of Justice’s website specifically to understand what was happening and we found that, indeed, the information there is completely different.” The article also reports that 6 other NGOs face similar problems.

According to the Co-Chairman of Golos, the Council for the protection of the rights of voters, Grigory Melkonyants, it may be due to an error on the Ministry of Justice’s website. He stated that his colleagues in the non-profit sector have complained that the reports they found on the Ministry’s website differ from those they provided. Melkonyants fears that this may lead to fines for the NGOs themselves.

Author: Grigory Ivanushkin

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