Moscow children’s hospice charity receives state funding

Moscow children’s hospice receives 83 million roubles in state funds



The Moscow government will release funds to assist terminally ill patients. As the director of the

Moscow City Health Department Centre for Palliative Care, Anna Federmesser, reported on her

Facebook page, the authorities have agreed to satisfy all requests made in the organisation’s

application for a subsidy.


‘It’s amazing! There has been such a break-through in terms of the government’s trust of a medical

charity that I am still trying to take in what has happened,’ Federmesser told her readers. ‘It is

sensible and entirely right that the hospice should be funded by a combination of state funding and

charitable donations.’


The ‘Home with a Lighthouse’ (Dom s mayakom) children’s hospice is a private medical charity.  It

has provided an ambulatory palliative care service in Moscow and the surrounding region since

  1. An average of 800 children a year receive help. Every year about 27,000 home visits are made

to terminally ill patients by doctors, nurses, psychologists, play therapists, nannies, social workers

and co-ordinators.




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