Moscow conference on social marketing

In Moscow, the III International ‘Social Marketing and Communication’ Conference is taking place

Moscow 25/04/2016

The Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Moscow International Higher Business School will hold the III International ‘Social marketing and Communication’ Conference on May 26-27. Participants will present the best practices, discuss which communication channels actually work, what to emphasise when promoting social projects and prospects for the market.

Co-organisers of the conference are the Civil Chamber of the Russian Federation, Institute of extra-systemic analysis, Company Public Relations (CROS), Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS (Institute) and the Agency for Social Information. The conference will be held with the support of ‘Community of organisations in marketing and business development,’ the Agency for strategic initiatives, RAMU (Russian Association of Marketing Services), AKMR (Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing), Guild of Marketing Specialists, ACAR (Russian Association of Communicative Agencies) and RACO (Russian Public Relations Association).

According to the organisers, “for two years we have been discussing with leading marketing experts, PR, social business, the non-profit sector and relevant agencies questions about synergy and projects for the effective promotion of social initiatives in Russia. Today, perhaps more than ever in the new economic situation, the pooling of resources is becoming even more relevant, as well as the simplification of the system and the transparency of projects aimed at positive changes in the society.”

One of the objectives of the third conference on social marketing is to reach a common definition of social marketing, to talk about which communication channels actually work and what to emphasise when promoting social projects. The conference programme also includes discussions and workshops by experts in the market, the best in social advertising.

“Social marketing is not only about promoting social initiatives, the responsibility of business and the state, it is primarily about people, and the purpose of it is effective action, change ‘today’ for a better ‘tomorrow’, support and assistance for people for whom things are more difficult”, said the organisers.

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Author: Yulia Viatkina

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