Need to insure volunteers in Russia

Association of Volunteer Centres asks the Federation Council to legalise insuring volunteers

15 December 2020

Artem Metelev suggest that volunteers be insured in Russia, as is the case in other countries.

On 14 December, Artem Metelev, chairman of the council of the Association of Volunteer Centres, published on his Facebook page a copy of the address which he sent to the Federation Council.

In his address to Galina Karelova, the deputy chairman of the Federation Council, Metelev requests a review of the initiative to draw up legislation on insuring volunteers in Russia.

“If we talk about a state’s duty of care to volunteers, then the starting point for this must be insurance, at least in those areas of activity where there is risk to a person’s life or health, such as disaster management or work in ‘red’ zones, as is the case now,” wrote Metelev. Trends: insuring CSO staff, in more detail

According to Metelev, the same initiative appeared six months ago in the Republic of Bashkortostan, where the legislation has already been adopted with 5,000,000 rubles allocated for the insurance of volunteers. A review of the initiative is also underway in Irkutsk Oblast.

“Volunteers are insured in France, the Netherlands, and in many other countries. I propose to add Russia to that list. Feeling safe is a key factor in anyone’s decision on whether to go into volunteering or not, so let’s guarantee this sense of security,” concluded Metelev.


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