New manual on communications for NGOs

A new practical manual on communication for NGOs


Moscow 31 August 2015

The manual “Talking about NGOs: why, who and how” is based on webinars for socially oriented NGOs, held by the Agency for Social Information in 2014-2015.

The manual includes articles by specialists in the sphere of communications, written for the webinars held by ASI in the framework of the programme “Russian socially oriented NGOs: the development of the information field (communication, education, cooperation)”. The webinars were part of ASI’s project for supporting socially oriented NGOs, which included both direct information support for socially oriented NGOs as well as an extensive educational unit on communications.

Communication is a universal instrument which helps NGOs and organisations who know how to use it in their activities to have more success. Topics for the training during the webinars were chosen in order to respond to as many of the large number of enquiries that ASI receives from socially oriented NGOs as possible. And also ahead of these requests, they highlight contemporary global trends in communications that will be relevant in the near future.

The collection contains practical recommendations for the use of different principles, channels and tools of communication in the work of socially oriented NGOs.

The manual is available online for free here:

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