New online course for volunteers and NGOs

Launch of a free online “Working with local communities for volunteers and NGOs” course




A team from the “Oblastdobra.rf” platform, together with experts from the Centre of Applied Urban Development, has designed a course on “Working with local communities for volunteers and NGOs”. This free course has been launched on the Stepik platform and can be accessed via


Its aim is to train representatives from the non-profit sector in tools for involving local communities in the implementation of projects using fundraising and Internet technology. Heads of NGOs and enthusiastic residents of large and small cities, rural areas and villages are invited to take part.


Course students will learn how to explore the local community environment, use a three-layered model of the area, involve “sleeping” volunteers, and create original projects working with local people.


The course will focus heavily on practical work. With guidance from the teachers, participants will learn how to create a project brand (logo, website, corporate identity) and use all modern-day tools to promote it locally.


Separate course modules are devoted to working with local businesses. During the nine months that the “Oblastdobra.rf” platform has been operating, 17 NGO projects from the St Petersburg region have raised more than 700,000 roubles from local residents and entrepreneurs. According to Alexeya Kravchenko, the platform’s CEO, experience gained from these projects has proved that success is dependent on how well a project team understands the principles and technologies involved in working with local communities.




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