New portal for jobs for people with disabilities internet portal has become a federal platform for the employment of disabled people


The portal will create a system that will help to increase opportunities for job seekers with disabilities and employers.

According to the International Health Organisation (IHO), more than 1 million people, which represents around 15% of the world population, have some form of disability. In Russia, according to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, as of 1 September 2015 12.45 million people were living with a disability and almost 40 million people had limited mobility. Employment forms an important part of integrating people with disabilities into society.

The internet portal for people with disabilities, is an International Social Organisation for Disabled People. Having won the right to receive subsidies from the federal budget, it will develop a system that will facilitate the creation of jobs for people with disabilities within the state programme ‘Accessible Environment’ from 2011-2020.

According to the head of the Dislife project, Yuri Kovaleva, “Today, the internet is almost the only means of socialisation with people with disabilities. Our portal has become truly comprehensive over the past eight years and this is what makes us unique. Here you will find all of the essential information: from instructions on appealing to the state authorities to a section on ‘dating’. Our main aim is to help socially vulnerable people to adapt to life, increasing their social activity.”

Within the implementation of the Dislife programme, it is planned to create a centre for disabled job seekers and employers, which includes an automated information system called “Employment for disabled people”, an online employment platform on the portal as well as a Call Centre and special mobile app.

As the chairman of the Board of Trustees for Dislife, Deputy Sergei Mironov noted that the Dislife project portal is becoming an assistant for people with disabilities all over Russia.

“Thanks to the project, this year dozens of people with disabilities, and these are people with abilities sometimes exceeding the capacity of normal people, will be able to get a permanent job. Our prediction is that by 2017 more than one thousand people will have found work. We are planning to be active in the regions and we will try to cooperate with the local employment centres”, said Mironov.

This project will not only help people with various types of disability to realise their potential but it will also give them a chance to not feel so thrown out of life, said Diana Gurtskaya, honoured artist of Russia, member of the Civic Chamber of the RF.

“Every one of us has the right to achieve their potential in their professional life and it is very important that people with disabilities are able to exercise this right. Many thanks to these companies and employers who are not afraid to take on new employees. I am sure they will not regret it and their new employees will be dedicated and provide the most specialist work,” said Gurtskaya.

Author: Irina Laktyushina


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