New workshops in Moscow for people with disabilities

The first printing
workshop for people for people with disabilities has appeared in Moscow
following a decision taken by the city’s department of labour and employment.
The regional charity, Quality of Life, has initiated the project and will
supervise it. The project is being implemented with the support of the city
government working with the company, Forte Print. The department has decided to
subsidise the creation by the firm of 90 positions for such people from the
city’s budget.


The project will help to
resolve the employment problem relating to the disabled, including in the area
of printing services. Forte Print is arranging a three year project providing
people with disabilities with an opportunity to undertake a professional course
of study covering the main printing subjects and especially the art of booklet
binding. Participants will obtain work experience at the same time.


Within the framework of
the project, it is planned to set up a specialized labour exchange which will
deal with the employment issues experienced by people with disabilities. Maria
Kulik, the president of Quality of Life, has said that in Germany the workshops
comprise a whole complex which is not confined to a work area. They include,
for example, canteens and restrooms. ‘We will strive to introduce similar
arrangements for our workshops. We envisage providing nutrition and medical
support for participants, and, a specialised labour exchange to help with their
eventual employment’, she observed.

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