NGOs’ applications for President’s grants

President’s grant operators starting to receive applications from NGOs


01.04.2014, Russian Federation

Operators are creating a commission to select applications and hold two competitions – the first up to 1 July, the second until 3 November 2014. Applications from NGOs are being accepted up until 30 April. Third Sector organisations from all Russian Federation regions, including the Crimea and Sevastopol, are eligible to take part in the competition.

The call on “Providing state support to NGOs taking part in the growth of civic society institutions and undertaking socially relevant projects and work in the area of human rights and individual freedoms during 2014” was signed off by President Putin in January 2014. As part of the call, subsidies in the region of 2,698,000 roubles will be put towards the competitions and distributed as grants awarded to NGOs for carrying out socially important projects and work in the area of human rights and freedoms of the individual.

7 operators will hand out the President’s grants: the All-Russian Civic Movement “The Value of the Citizen”, the regional civic organisation “Institute for the Problems of a Civic Society”, the non-profit fund, the Institute for Socio-Economic and Political Research, the All-Russian civic organisation “Russian Youth Movement”, the All-Russian Civic Fund “National Charity Fund”, the All-Russian Civic Organisation the “League of the Nation’s Health”, and the All-Russian Civic Organisation – the Society of “Knowledge” Russia.

At an ITAR-TASS press conference, the President of the League of the Nation’s Health, Leo Bokeria, stated that holding these two competitions for receiving the President’s grants gives the process “a huge shot in the arm”. “On the other hand, it will be a departure from the annual cycle of organisational activities involved in implementing projects” Bokeria added. He also recalled that operators allocate funds for projects but not to current work being undertaken by an organisation “given that projects imply there being an objective, fixed tasks and achievable results.”

“We know full well that not all public organisations work on a project basis and that many bodies will need to restructure their activities, as well as changing their approach and ways of working. NGOs should organise their work according to the competitions’ requirements” said the President of the “League of the Nation’s Health”.

The Director of the National Charitable Fund, Vladimir Nosov, stated that NGOs which carry out their work in the Crimea and Sevastopol will also be able to take part in the competition. “We will accept applications from these NGOs” he emphasised. There will only be one or two bids from these regions according to the President of the Institute for the Problems of a Civic Society, Maria Slobodskaya. More time would be needed to enable organisations in these areas to put a major bid together. A member of the Presidium of “The Value of the Citizen”, Pavel Vdovichenko, temporary head of the organisation following Ella Pamfilova’s move to the post of Federal Ombudsman, suggested that applications from Crimean bodies can be expected during August.

A number of organisations which were successful in last year’s competition have already signalled their intention to submit bids for the President’s grant scheme. So, the Association “Agora” will be seeking funding either for a “Legal School” or towards legal aid for those who have suffered as a result of police torture, doctors’ negligence and new army conscripts who have been abused by older soldiers. The head of a human rights organisation, Pavel Chikov, mentioned this to Kommersant. The movement for the protection of voting rights “Voice”, which last year received a major grant from “The Value of the Citizen”, has also announced its participation in the competition.

Author: Georgi Ivanushkin

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