NGOs on the rights and interests of the elderly

”Demographic indicators show that there exists a serious ageing of the population. The number of pensioners in the country runs to 30 million. It is common knowledge that their living standards are low,” announced the Regional Public Foundation to Assist the Aged, ‘Good Deed’, in an address to Russian Human Rights Commissioner, Vladimir Lukin.  The document notes the lack of a representative structure in Russia (legislative, executive), for the defence of the rights and interests of the elderly. Between 1994 and 2004, reminded Eduard Karukhin, there was a government department dedicated to the elderly in Russia. Five years ago, however, it was disbanded. “The lack of such a structure essentially slows down the realisation of the rights and interests of the elderly in this country,” said the address.


In another document, a joint address between the foundation and the inter-regional coalition on ‘Rights of the Elderly’ to the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, it was recommended to ‘set about a discussion and development of gerontological policies taking into account the recommendations of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing in 2002. Also, it recommended a decision on the introduction of the post of a state secretary for the elderly and the creation of a department for the elderly in the Ministry of Health and Social Development, similar to the structure in the regions of the country. At present, the efforts of the government are predominantly concentrated on an increase in the pension rate, which is “necessary, but not enough,” noted the leaders of the address.


A third document was presented by the Inter-parliamentary Assembly of State-participants of the CIS to the executive committee of the CIS. The address was signed by the inter-regional coalition of the organisation ‘Rights of the Elderly’ and the network of gerontological organisations ‘AgeNet Central Asia Without Borders’. The document discussed the need to develop an agreement on collaboration to solve the ageing problem in the countries of the CIS; to create a CIS Council for the Aged; to make a general national plan on ageing, and to hold international seminars with the participation of representatives from non-profit organisations of the CIS.


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