Nominations for NGO reps on Public Chamber

New round of nominating NGO candidates to the Russian Federation’s Public Chamber is beginning


Moscow, 5 March 2014

The final stage to decide the composition of the Federation’s Public Chamber is beginning, namely nominations of NGO candidates. The public will determine which nominee will sit on the Chamber by means of direct internet voting.

In all, 43 NGO representatives have to be elected to the Chamber. Each All-Russian public association and NGO can choose only one representative nominated by them to sit on the Public Chamber. In order to take part in the selection process, a set of documents must be submitted to an All-Russian public association and NGO (see Conditions attached to the submission of documentation can be viewed in detail on the election to the Public Chamber site.

A working group will include NGO representatives on an internet voting list which will be placed on the “Russian public initiative” site. Voting will take place over 30 days. In order to take part, the public will need to have access to the private members’ area on the state services portal (

During the previous stage of the process and in accordance with the federal law No. 32 F3 on the “Russian Federation’s Public Chamber”, 83 citizens of the Russian Federation have already been elected to the new Public Chamber.

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