Nominations invited for new Social Council

The Ministry of Labour invites NGOs to send their
Candidate Nominations for Members of the Social Council


The Social Council will exist under the Ministry of
Labour and Social Security of the Russian Federation. It will start to function
in November and will comprise 30 members. According to current legislation
members of the Social Chamber of the Russian Federation, independent experts,
representatives of social organisations and other individuals may be members of
this council. The Ministry of Labour has sent a letter to 110 social
organisations detailing how to nominate a candidate. Nominations will be taken
until 1st October via a special portal on the Ministry of Labour’s


The council will be formed
in two phases. Those successful in the first stage will be decided by open
voting on the internet amongst members of the Social Chamber of the Russian
Federation and an expert council within the government. After this, the two
bodies will draw up a shortlist of candidates. Finally, a decree from the
Ministry of Labour will approve the members of the council.


‘We expect that the council will conduct its business
in a professional manner, with your help. The expert opinion will shape the
development of state social policy. The current priority of the Russian
Ministry of Labour is democratic policy, the development of employment
opportunities, pension guarantees, social security and a state-run citizens’ service’-
remarked the minister of Labour, Maksim Topolin, as he addressed the social
organisations. He remarked that it is important for the ministry to be active
in society- it is for this very reason that the Ministry of Labour has
organised open voting.



One of the tasks of the consulting body will be to
help identify the Ministry of Labour’s priorities; carry out evaluations of the
legislative initiatives governing the Ministry’s activities, state projects and
state targets; control anticorruption initiatives within the Ministry,
participate in assessing regulatory measures etc.; participate in a tendering
committee (holding the contest for the vacant citizens’ service positions)
and a certification commission (determining the
suitability of deputy civil servants.)

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