Official support for NGOs

The Russian Ministry for Economic Development and
representatives of the third sector have developed a package of measures to
support community-focussed not-for-profit organisations up to 2018.

The document has been produced in response to a commission
from the Russian government aimed at putting into effect the presidential
decree of 7 May 2012 regarding measures for implementing state social
policy.  It includes 13 support measures:
the subsidisation, from the federal budget, of regional support programmes for
community-focussed, not-for-profit organisations and those organisations which
provide information, counselling, technical and other forms of support for the
activities of other organisations in the sector;  the distribution of federal funds among
not-for-profit organisations, primarily through competitive mechanisms, and the
obligatory publication of reports on the implementation of projects that have
received financial support.  Support
measures include: extending the system of lower insurance contributions for
not-for-profit organisations until 2018; the introduction of reduced rates of
tax on profits for donor companies; providing the opportunity for individual
donors to pay reduced personal income tax on donations which they have already
made; to permit by law the making of donations via payment terminals.  This package of draft measures was introduced
to the Russian government on 17 January. 
The document was previously supported by members and experts from
Russia’s Civic Chamber, and the working group on the development of
not-for-profit organisations of the Presidential Council for the Development of
Civil Society and Human Rights and the Governmental Council on issues of
trusteeship within the social sector.

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