Poll on CSR finds only 51.9% of Russian companies are ready to hire people with disabilities

Poll suggests that only 51.9% of Russian companies are ready to hire people with disabilities.

Why do some companies fail to see the need for social responsibility and how much do businesses spend on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plans? The study report from Megaplan offers some insights.


Megaplan software development company surveyed 1,613 employees and leaders of small and medium sized businesses to ascertain their attitudes towards social responsibility.

Charity action

Social events where employees offer charity donations were found in around 39% of companies. This is the most common form of CSR.

In 26.3% of companies social marketing takes place, in 25.2% there was evidence of corporate volunteering. Grants are allocated for socially significant initiatives in 16.5% of companies, and 14.4% allocated grants for environmental marketing purposes. 30.2% of companies spend up to a million roubles on CSR programmes annually.

However, 39% of companies hold no charity events at all. 28.1% do on rare occasions, 25.1% answered periodically and only 7.8% hold charity events regularly.

During the coronavirus pandemic, 46.8% of companies carried out charity events of some kind. Of these, 15.5% created a campaign for their clients, 9.5% created a volunteer headquarters, 9.1% donated to CSOs, 8% organised a quick response fund and 4.7% collected donations from clients.

Donation drives

Only 10.9% of companies regularly carry out donation campaigns among their employees. 51.7% never ask for donations, 24.1% do it extremely rarely and 13.2% about once a year.

Employment of people with disabilities

51.9% of small and medium-sized businesses are ready to hire people with disabilities. On the contrary, 48.1% admitted they are not prepared to do so in their companies.

Attitudes towards CSR

Social responsibility activities are supported by 66.2% of respondents. 15.3% have a negative attitude towards them, 9.8% do not want to take part in them and 5.5% think that they make little corporate sense.

60.4% of companies consider social charitable events to be a useful tool for business.

39.7% of respondents disagree with them, 23.5% believe them to be hypocritical on the part of the business and 16.2% do not see any benefit in them due to the high set-up costs.

28.1% of respondents declared the manipulation of social charitable action for advertisement purposes the be the most detrimental shortcoming of CSR. They also highlighted the low level of control over the spending of funds raised to be cause for concern (22.8%), and a general mistrust in the competencies to solve social problems (15.8%). 15% were concerned about the increase in the cost of production due to social expenditures, and 6.9% named the violation of principle for the sake of maximising profits as the biggest shortcoming. 

30.2% of companies annually spend up to a million roubles on CSR programmes, 10.2% spend up to 5 million, 8.6% more than 10 million and 42.3% refrained from answering.

Source: https://www.asi.org.ru/news/2021/05/28/48-rossijskih-kompanij-ne-nanimayut-na-rabotu-lyudej-s-ogranichennymi-vozmozhnostyami/

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