Potanin Foundation awards announced

The winning projects of the Potanin Foundation summer school receive 2 million roubles for implementation

Moscow, 06.07.2015

In the Moscow suburbs the 2015 Vladimir Potanin Foundation summer school has come to a close. The list of winners includes 11 projects, amongst which are initiatives for the popularisation of science and the social integration of people with disabilities. In 2015 Rosbank and the Polytechnic Museum became partners in the contest for socially significant projects.

The Foundation’s summer school grant fund totalled 2 million roubles.

The project Cinema Out Loud received a 150,000 rouble grant from Rosbank. It was developed by students from Far Eastern State Transport University and Pacific State University in partnership with Khabarovsk Krai Specialist Library for the Blind. The project’s developers plan to organise the production of audio description for films based on the Khabarovsk State Institute of Arts and Culture, and to introduce a course teaching the development of audio description dialogue tracks into the student curriculum.

In addition, the Rosbank prize for team spirit was won by the project In the World of Different People, aimed at the social integration of people with disabilities.

The Polytechnic Museum was given a special grant of 150,000 roubles for the development of the Cosmodrome project “for its unconventional approach to the popularisation of science”. The project will be implemented in partnership with the interactive science museum Newton Park (Krasnoyarsk). The project’s designers plan to create an exhibition about outer space suitable for schoolchildren in grades 1-6. The project was developed by students from the Siberian State Aerospace University, Siberian Federal University, and Nizhny Novgorod State University. The Polytechnic Museum considers this project to present original ways of promoting science and acquainting the general public with modern scientific achievements.

A grant of 341,000 roubles was received by students from Ural Federal University’s project Chemistry- Simple. This science show includes outdoor play classes for senior students, the holding of a city-wide tournament, and the organisation of an open chemistry school.

The full list of winners can be found on the website of the Potanin Foundation.

“School projects have become more mature and profound. Many of them bring together like-minded people from different cities around the country, in effect creating a network. And although team members are separated by thousands of kilometres and often have different specialisations, with some of them already working whilst others are still studying, they all speak the same language. This means that the school helps to connect people who share common values of leadership and professionalism, and who are ready to do good deeds together”, remarked the General Director of the Potanin Foundation, Oksana Oracheva.

Projects should be implemented within a year. The projects’ progress can be monitored on the website stipendia.ru.

Author: Yulia Vyatkina


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