Presents for retirement homes collected in 30 Russian cities

Presents for retirement homes for the elderly collected in 30 cities


Brightening the New Year of lonely pensioners is possible by joining the national #mnevazhno initiative. Russia’s national post is delivering presents that are prepared for the elderly free of cost. Currently, more than 34,000 presents have already been collected.

The #mnevazhno initiative is a collection of New Year presents for grandmothers and grandfathers who are in residential homes, organised by the foundation Starost v radost. Any person willing to dedicate time to buying a present and spending just a little bit of money can join the tens of thousands of Russians who have already handed over their presents for lonely elderly people.

Visit the website, where a list of required items is published, and select your present.

Presents can then be sent to collection points – they are open in 30 cities across the country. To find out the address, just click on the official site on “Choose region and bring presents”.

Moreover, donors can also use the services of Russian Post, which is a logistical partner of the cause, meaning that all parcels can be sent for free.


Currently, thanks to the efforts of Starost v radost, more than 34,000 presents have been collected. Funds can also be transferred to the charity via the same website.

“We are sure that by New Year, Ded Moroz (Grandfather Frost, aka Father Christmas) will have cheered tens of thousands more grandfathers and grandmothers. Participation in the project is completely voluntary and does not involve publicity. However, partners of the foundation who have supported this initiative are sure that this good example should go viral”, the press release’s fund stated.

Employees from dozens of companies have supported the fund’s initiative, including the active involvement of staff of Vnesheconombank and its partners. Volunteers from Vnesheconombank have helped more than 850 patients from three sponsored retirement homes: in the villages of Dubna in the Tula region, in Vyshny Volochka in the Tver region and Ostashevo in the Moscow region. Staff of VEB have already congratulated affiliated homes for the elderly and the disabled in the Tula region, this week Ded Moroz’s presents will be received in Vyshny Volochka.

“New Year is a time when it is especially important to remind lonely, elderly people that they are remembered and loved and we have been organising New Year’s presents for them for many years now. This year, it has become a nationwide initiative with a large number of people engaged. We are happy that dozens of large civil organisations, businesses and thousands of people have joined us in this charitable goal – giving elderly people a celebration,” says Liza Oleskina, Director of the charity Starost v radost.



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