Programme of long-term care to be rolled out across Russia

Programme of long-term care to be rolled out across Russia by 2022


At a forum in Sochi the Russian Minister of Labour and Social Care Maxim Topilin has announced a new programme – ‘Healthy Society – Working Towards 80+’.  New technologies designed to support the provision of long-term care have been piloted in some regions and will be rolled out across the country by 2022.

Maxim Topilin announced that 2 billion roubles would be invested in the programme across the country by 2020. He added, ‘This is serious money. This system will meet the needs of elderly people. This is of paramount importance and it is not happening at the moment.’

The Ministry of Labour and Social Care has established the programme in partnership with the charity Joy in Ageing and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. The project seeks to raise awareness of the support available to the elderly and to provide practical assistance where needed.

Programme planning began in April 2018 and in the course of July six pilot schemes were set up, in Ryazan, Tula, Pskov, Novgorod, Kostroma and Volgograd. It is expected that by the second year of the programme 12 regions will be involved in the scheme, and 18 by its third year of operation.

The forum ‘Healthy Society – Working Towards 80+’  («Здоровое общество. На пути к цели: 80+») will be held at the Russian Investment forum in Sochi. It will provide an opportunity for government representatives and experts in the field to exchange ideas and share their experience.  The objective is to improve collaboration in supporting the elderly and devise practical solutions that can improve and extend the lives of an ageing population.


The Social Development Foundation ‘Innosotsium’ will focus on priority areas within social development and oversee a number of charitable projects and initiatives designed to improve the performance of NGOs and commercial operations in the social sphere.

Innosotsium will also seek to improve Russia’s reputation on the international stage. The foundation outlined its goals at a presentation at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi on 14th February.

Innosotsium will address issues surrounding social care and health, culture, education, ecology, social media and female leadership. The founders of the charity Roscongress announced that it has already launched a series of projects and partnerships, including a Social Projects Contest in September 2018. Its primary challenge is to get young people involved in understanding and tackling social problems.

Innosotsium is led by Yelena Marinina, who is also Deputy Director of Roscongress. She sees her role as one of creating innovative social structures that can transform the environment in which people live and work.  She explained, ‘Our task is to bring about social change, our future depends on the environment we create.’

Presidential adviser Anton Kobyakov added, ‘The work of Innosotsium is of major strategic importance to the country. At the moment we do not have enough corporate partnerships in the social sphere. Everyone involved in this process understands the necessity of creating a competent and professional platform as the basis for future cooperation.’

Alexandr Stuglev, Chairman of Roscongress, said, ‘Roscongress has set itself a very ambitious target – to become one of the key partners of government, NGOs and businesses, working to develop strategies and programmes that will shape Russian society.  We aim to use all the commercial opportunities, information and communication skills we have at our disposal to create a pool of talent and partnerships.’

Roscongress will be responsible for financing Innosotsium and for raising funds for its partner businesses.

Roscongress Is a non-financial institution committed to improving Russian society, with a wealth of experience in organising international events, conferences, exhibitions and public events.  It was established in 2007 to help realise the country’s full economic potential and raise Russia’s profile through international meetings.



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