Proposed new award for inclusive practices

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives proposes to create an award for inclusive practices

The award is needed to encourage the best practices in the field of inclusion in the regions.


The Agency for Strategic Initiatives has proposed to celebrate the regions with the best inclusive practices with the national award “Open to All”.

“The potential for regions to create an accessible work environment is currently restricted by the enterprises and institutions which own them. At the same time, we have a huge number of private organisations where this work is completely dependent on the owner’s desire. We are proposing the national award in an effort to involve large businesses, NGOs, and small companies who are prepared to share their practices in the field of inclusive development,” – stated Svetlana Chupsheva, the head of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

She noted that in accordance with the updated strategy, agencies will be able to allocate a separate block to create opportunities for people with disabilities, particularly with regard to education and self-realisation.

“We are introducing a number of projects which currently exist in the private sector but are yet to enter into the general education system so that this expertise can be made readily available throughout the country”, Chupsheva explained.


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