Public Chamber announces recruitment of new volunteer corps

The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation announces the recruitment of a volunteer corps




The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation is forming a volunteer corps in order to support the development of the volunteer sector in Russia.


The principle of ‘developing every volunteer to develop the life of society’ will be the motto of the body. Volunteers will be able to gain experience organising major events in the non-profit sector, have the opportunity to work together with well-known speakers and experts from different spheres of public life, and learn how to realise their own socially significant projects.


Participation in the project is a step up in professional development and a career boost for the volunteers, who will have the opportunity to gain personal skills and knowledge from experienced trainers. An individual personal and professional development plan will be worked out for each volunteer.


The volunteer corps will consist of at least 15 teams, each of which will include 10 volunteers led by a supervisor. In addition to helping to organise and carry out the events of the Public Chamber, the teams will develop their own socially conscious projects. They will present the ideas of the projects to on-site incubators: each team will develop their own project and discuss it with the functional committee of the Public Chamber. If the Public Chamber is interested, the project will progress to the implementation stage.


Plans for the recruitment of both supervisors and regular volunteers have been announced.


Those wishing to join the volunteer corps must fill out an online application. Applications for the supervisor positions will be accepted until March 22nd, and for regular volunteers up to April 10th.



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