Public Chamber discusses non-payment of child support

Public Chamber discussed the problem of ensuring child support

Moscow, 18.10.2016

According to statistics cited by the Public Chamber, around 2.2 million children currently do not receive the support to which they are legally entitled.

To solve the problem of non-payment of child support, experts recommended the creation of alimony funds. The Public Chamber states that these could be financed by raising taxes on registering marriages and divorces, as well as using resources designated for various social obligations by the Russian regions.

“Hundreds of thousands of children do not receive child support from their parents. These benefits are paid from the budgets of the Russian regions, and the amount varies by region. But for many this negligible sum is insufficient to cover their needs. Our goal is adequate child support”, says Diana Gurtskaya, chair of the Civic Chamber Commission on support for family, children and motherhood.

Artur Parfenchikov, director of the Federal Bailiffs Service, notes that debt recoveries have significantly increased of late. “In eight months almost 13 billion has been recovered, which is over two billion more than in the previous year. Legislation adopted at the beginning of the year is delivering results. Fewer people are unemployed, many parents remain in the same job, which was a statutory obligation for a time”, he emphasised.

Experts recommended changes to the work of bailiffs, who could interact with debtors through a warning system for a specified amount of time, and only after this period begin to take more drastic measures.



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