Public Chamber launches nationwide survey on charity

The Public Chamber of Russia launches a nationwide survey on charity


The Public Chamber of the Russian Federation plans to carry out a study researching to what extent Russians are prepared to help and what difficulties NGO employees have to face.

To take part in the survey, you need to fill out one of the questionnaires published on the Chamber’s website.

The first questionnaire is for those who work in the charity sector and volunteers, the second is aimed at citizens who regularly or periodically donate to charitable causes. Those who have never helped those in need may also respond to the questions of the second one.

According to the chairman of the Public Chamber Commission on charity issues, citizen education and social responsibility, Aleksandra Tkachenko, the survey should help to solve problems with fraud in the charitable sector, the press service of the Public Chamber reported.

“We think it important to carry out such a survey, to better understand what is happening with charities, to analyse the situation in the charity sector across the country, and, potentially, to suggest solutions or to discuss the issues identified by our study. Changes in this area can positively affect NGOs’ activities,” Tkachenko said.

In the questionnaire, there are questions regarding types of charitable activity, to understand what is more popular: episodic charitableness (alms giving), regular transfers to foundations or personal participation in the activities of charitable and voluntary organisations. The authors of the study believe it is important to understand what form of charitable activity people trust the most.

Despite state support (the Presidential Grants Fund carries out competitions twice a year and this year 8 million roubles will go to support non-commercial and social organisations), still not all foundations are ready to provide professional services and “transparent” accounting. That is why the authors of the survey want to understand which problems the directors of social organisations see as influencing the development of the economics of the charitable sector. Concrete suggestions will be proposed to all NGO representatives as a way of solving current problems.



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