Public Chamber to submit “road map” on domestic violence

The Public Chamber to develop a “road map” for the prevention of violence against women




A document is to be submitted to the Federation’s State Duma.


The Federation’s Public Chamber believes it is vital that NGOs and representatives from all relevant Ministries and departments are involved in tackling the problem of violence against women. A Public Chamber working group is therefore being set up which will study proposals received from the regions and appropriate Government agencies on what can practically be done to prevent and combat such violence. Suggestions received will form the basis of a “road map” which will be submitted to Duma deputies.


A member of the Public Chamber has already suggested holding a public hearing to discuss a Bill that is recommending criminal prosecutions against those who carry out female genital mutilations. Public discussions on female circumcision practices were held following the publication of research undertaken by “Russian Legal Initiative” which revealed that female genital mutilation operations are being carried out in certain parts of Dagestan.


Author: Georgy Ivanushkin

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