Putin calls for NGO access to state funding

Russian President calls for NGO access to budget financing


Moscow, 03.12.2015

In his address to the Russian Federal Assembly on 3 December, Vladimir Putin raised the question of providing privileges and preferences to NGOs. He also announced the launch of a special Presidential grants scheme as a means of supporting those non-profit bodies operating in small towns and villages. This would involve providing up to 10% funding from regional and municipal social programmes which NGOs can utilise in providing social services.

As in issues such as help for the elderly and disabled, support for families and children needs to be entrusted more to civil society, in particular to NGOs, said Putin. “These organisations often operate more effectively and efficiently with a genuine empathy for people and without being weighed down by a lot of “red tape”, Putin added.

According to Putin, NGOs that prove themselves to be “perfect State partners” will be afforded the legal status of “NGO – executor of particularly useful services”, as well as being allocated a number of privileges and preferences.

In his address, the Russian President also raised the issue of providing NGO access to State funds set aside for social programmes. “Ultimately, I believe it is right that we allocate up to 10% funding from regional and municipal projects to enable NGOs to provide social services that are budget financed. We both well know how current legislation operates. We do not impose anything. However, I do ask that leaders of regions and municipalities take this into account in their work”, Putin explained.

Speaking earlier at a meeting of the active citizens’ “Community” forum, Putin called for the support of those NGOs capable of meeting the challenges facing State and municipal authorities. He proposed setting up a special group of socially-orientated NGOs and to give them access to funds that have been set aside by the State for social purposes.

Author: Georgy Ivanushkin


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